‘God did it!’ approach to the Universe and its mysteries
I’ve noticed a lot of people somehow see God as a "magical default." That is, unless there is no natural explanation available for a phenomenon OR even if all the evidence in the world is available for a naturalistic explanation, but they are either unaware of it or never really understood it is simply assumed "God did it!". This article hopes to only examine how ‘God did it! is a terrible explanation for the questions about the natural world and the universe. I see people on a daily basis killing their own and more importantly their children’s natural inquisitiveness about the natural world with the intellectually lazy ‘God did it!/God made it this way’ answers. With the ‘God did it!’ approach, the net increase in knowledge is nothing. What they don’t realize is that, they are still standing exactly where they were before getting this ‘answer‘.

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Ok the bug is for if there is a God, he is a beetle so says Darwin/Halden.
The glorious BUT.
Godel has shown that no logical system would ever be complete and consistent together.
What that means is that there would be *unprovable* true things, and *unfalsifiable* false things.

And we might never know which portion of the segment *GOD* hypothesis belongs.
Read Dawkins --> Greatest Show on Earth about the creation of the species lovingly known as
Canis Lupus Familiaris --> DOG.

Indeed it is, the God for the Dogs are human.So how are we so sure that we know what we know about creation? In fact we don't know. God can be neither proven nor disproved because of what is known as
the celestial teapot hypothesis.
This is by far the most common argument(from ignorance) you hear from pretty much every theist at some point. They also tend to misrepresent concepts such as Evolution by saying stuff like "I don't think we just evolved randomly these complex bodies from fish or monkeys" in order to support their claim. The worst part is that when you start explaining to them why their understanding of evolution is wrong and how they are contradicting themselves by claiming the complexity of the universe couldn't have arisen without a creator who is even more complex, they tend to either take offense or stop listening all together and change the topic. I've been in this type of scenario plenty of times, it's one of the most annoying things ever.

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