50 years of Laser
Laser turned 50 today.

Here are two awesome PhD comics dedicated to Laser.

[Image: phd051210s.gif]

[Image: phd051410s.gif]


Murthy A V N

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It has been a decade since I took a physics class, but I'm pretty certain that atoms don't transition between levels- electrons in the atom do. The schematic in the comic is right, but the statements are wrong.
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murthymail, the comics which you have heard about the first one. And I just want to say you that the laser has been used in a variety of ways since its invention 50 years ago. It has been used in medicine for surgery and dentistry, with a rising popularity in laser eye treatments.
It is very good comic and easy to understand about 50 years of Laser. I like to salute all scientists who contribute their life to give a very good gift to counties. And because of their contributes laser light is in our life, and now it over 50 years.

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