A Persistent Troll
Sometimes people believe in something so strongly that they can't resist showing why other people are wrong. What they believe in can be anything. Atheism, religion, leftist/rightist/centrist stuff or whatever. There are healthy ways to channel that energy. One decent way to do that is to run a website articulating your ideas, build up a social media presence and use it to publicize the ideas. The worst way to do it is to be a complete pest about it and keep showing up at places where you've been told in clear terms that you are not welcome.

This post is about one such pest. I'm doing this because it's unfair for Nirmukta moderators to keep wasting their time on second guessing which burner account he is using this time. So I'm dumping all the information I have on him in the hope that someone will know who this guy is, and that will deter him from being a pest.

These are the various user names he had used on the nirmuka.com website and on these forums:

Venkata Rao
S (yes, just the letter 'S')

Most of his comments are from these IPs:

They all are registered to Emory University. My guess is that he is/was a student there. Another guess is he is/has been taking some religious studies there. Quite a few times he referred to academic material on Hinduism in his comments. IIRC, he had also mentioned Paul Courtright, a Professor Emeritus there.

Some comments were from another IP which is in Ashburn, Virginia.

He has used a number of email addresses all of which I suspect are made up. I don't want to post them here in case they are real email addresses of someone else.

After getting booted from the forums, he had sent a diatribe to me and in it he confessed to using sockpuppets:

Quote:And at any rate, there is nothing wrong with sock puppets. Engels used them, as did John Quincy Adams, to effect change. And I've relished that my different handles have gotten very different responses for saying the exact same things-- you are not free from ad hominem, FYI.

Lately, he has taken to using a proxy. He even tried to impersonate Prof. Narendra Nayak just to see if he can get past moderation. How do I know it's the same guy that is using the proxy? It's an educated guess. He has a burning desire to show how smart he is (and how stupid everyone else here is). So even after getting banned, he kept coming back using different user names. The proxied comments started soon after I banned all his user names and known IP addresses.
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And he comes back and posts a comment defending his actions hinged on a particular lie that he was banned just because he wrote something against a public figure (Kancha Ilaiah). I deleted his comment.

For the record, he was banned after I noticed that he had two sockpuppets working in tandem in the same fucking comment trail. Even before that he was using at least 6 different user names to comment on nirmukta.com.
Other forum members alerted me to a few other usernames he had used:

sachin2 (This was a "legit" one as he had forgotten the password for 'sachin'/'sachin1' user names)

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