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The seed for Nirmukta Chennai is yet to be sown. The state of Tamil Nadu has a great history of rationalism, with great rationalists leaders like Periyar and Bharathiyar. This helped in the uplift of the Dalit castes. However, today I cannot help feel that the politics of the state is rather pitiable. The DMK which rode to great heights as a anti-Brahmin/anti-Hindu movement, has failed to turn into a more liberal free-thinking party. It is disappointing to note that the party is systematically dis-informing people, by having a curriculum in state schools that talks about Anna and Periyar, and then talks in the same vein about Karunanidhi and his son Stalin! The party only plays its caste card now, and seems to be unstoppable.

Keeping this political situation in mind, what kind of activities should we plan in Chennai and in the state? The city of Chennai is still quite conservative. The art and music that it is known for is still very Brahmin dominated. Also, how can we appeal to the youth in the state?
Aditya Manthramurthy
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I can't think of anything beyond Facebook and Twitter meet-ups. Maybe we can have an Indianised version of Skeptics in the Pub?
There have already been meet-ups in Bangalore. We should be "following the leader" in this regard. So yes, how about a Skeptics in the Pub (or park?) for Chennai too? It would be great. I think 2-3 people had already shown willingness for the same a few months back on Facebook. If someone can take the initiative to fix a date, time and location, then we could spread the word on Facebook. It would be fair to expect about a dozen (or even half a dozen) to turn up. Not bad for a start I say.
Not bad for a start at all.

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