A firm standing, is what's needed
Hello All

I am Mihir Gupta, an engineer. I just completed my B.Tech in Electronics engineering in May 2012, and now working in IITB as Junior Research Fellow.
I have lots of interests (besides the one for which I am introducing myself Big Grin ) like composing and listening to music, pencil sketching, cooking, reading (mostly on web and less on books :P).

I like to call myself as a Freethinker or also Agnostic Atheist. I prefer the term Freethinker, as it looks less extremist, as I am not at all an extremists, and feel religion as healthy only for psychological treatment for those who are out of hope (only till its not harmful for others). I truly believe that God is man's creation and not the opposite and so is everything related to it.

Coming to science of human brain, which I feel will take a few more decades to completely understand, is not at all unconquerable. The magnetic man, the psychic, the super-strong man are exception like exceptions in the Periodic Table that need some time to study and they will fall to pieces once decoded.

The title I used "A firm standing is what's needed", is what I think an essential requirement, if the truth is needed to be brought to light. If the speaker has not firm standing, its waste to expect the followers to believe in him. Hitler, despite being a racist, murderer, arrogant and what not, had one good quality for sure; and that was a firm attitude. He believed in his motive.
Therefore to make this Earth a religion free land, where all are observed with equality, people must have standing for the truth and not for the hope. A false religious hope may give temporary relief, but is it worth it???
Mihir Gupta
Researcher & Engineer
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