A list of esential books?
Similar to the podcast recommendations could Nirmukta compile an essential reading list? I became aware of several works from browsing the internet over the past few months. A centralized compilation by fellow humanists would be more helpful. The books,I think,should mainly be about Indian history,Hinduism,Philosophy. But the mods are free to change this:

My list:
India after Gandhi,Makers of Modern India by R. Guha
All works of Ambedkar,MK Gandhi
Discovery of India by Nehru
Indian Ideology by Perry Anderson

Something about the Vedas,BG,Upanishads?

(As you can see I am a beginner and need to broaden my horizons)Biggrin
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I believe the 'books' forum of Freethought Arts ( Social Action) is a great place to start.

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