A non believer from Mumbai .
Hi folks
I am Aadil and I am from Mumbai. I was born to a Muslim father and a Hindu mother . I became an atheist nearly 10 years ago at the age of 14 . Since then , I have never believed in any religion or god . Fortunately , my father never forced me to follow Islam and hence my knowledge about it is very less . For me , all religions are equally rotten and it pains me when I see people blindly follow them without ever thinking about the stupid things that the religion forces them to do . Apart from being an atheist I also support the feminist movement . I feel disgusted by the attitude of an average Indian man towards women .
Since I became an atheist , I was always eager to meet other atheists . I am looking forward to interact with other atheists on this forum .

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Aadil nice to meet you and welcome to Nirmukta Forums. Hope you will find lots of like minded people here.

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