Abortion and Morality - pro life vs pro choice stances
What are individual's views on abortion? I had watched the documentary "Lake of Fire" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0841119/ which addresses, in part, both sides of the abortion debate and also documents the history of the anti-abortion radical militants in America and it also had a pro-life irreligious advocate if I recall correctly.

Some individuals assume that its only the religious that have issues with abortion but perhaps contrary to that assumption, there do exist pro-life individuals who are atheists. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyath...e-of-them/

On the one hand it does seem like its a question of an individual in power versus another that's making decision about one that lacks it. But there's also the societal component of not desiring too many children/children that its not possible for one to raise at a particular point of time, so in this case the decision has a societal/individual's rights trumping the unborn's rights.

Also, it seems a matter of convenience and perhaps somewhat irrational that it is considered admissible to terminate the life in utero for any reason (even when it doesn't endanger the life of the pregnant woman/no gross deformity to the fetus) whereas for the said reasons, euthanasia isn't possible once born/ex-utero.

PS: This is not about sex-selective abortion which has been discussed elsewhere http://nirmukta.net/Thread-Sex-selection...t=abortion

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