About the Freethinkers meet on Nov 14, 2010
It was very nice to meet so many freethinkers, especially in real life Wink

We met at a Cafe Coffee Day in Koramangala. There was just about enough space for the 15-20 people who turned up. Among other things we all agreed that it was a great idea to meet up as a freethinkers group, once a month. Subba Rao has generously provided us with access to a much bigger venue at Ashok Shishu Vihar. PankajKulkarni is co-ordinating the meets, and he will be posting details about the venue soon.

In the meanwhile Prof Nayak has proposed a two-day workshop for scientific temper for software professionals to be held on Dec 25-26. This is still under discussion, especially about the dates. Please visit Prof Nayak's FB page to see the proposal (this requires logging in to FB, and in any case, someone will post it in these forums too).

Here are some images (linked directly from fb, so I hope they work) from the meeting (courtesy Narendra Nayak). Biggrin

[Image: 149054_457404373654_605313654_5398878_6939394_n.jpg]

[Image: 154302_457405613654_605313654_5398896_8049846_n.jpg]
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awesome. Hope i'll join in someday perhaps next year.
I would have liked to join, but I didn't know there was a meet! How do I get to know about such events?


Sorry about that. We didn't publish an announcement this time due to the space constraint. That problem has been addressed now and we have a place that can accommodate around 100 people. From next meeting onwards, we will announce on nirmukta.net and on the FB page for Nirmukta. There are some folks who are not on FB or on nirmukta.net, we'll send them direct e-mails. Hopefully, things will improve from now.
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will come for the next.. didnt know this time

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