An interview with Aravinda Rao (Ex-DGP)
#1 (Interview is in Telugu)

This is an interview which succinctly sums up the current Hindu revisionist narrative - where lip service is paid to the social ills of Hinduism but no effort is made to correct it. For example, you can hear the usual refrain that Varna is about qualities, but not about birth. But later in the interview, you can see the lamentation that very few Brahmins are at the top. Now this was a golden opportunity for the flag bearer of Hinduism to categorically state that the lamentation has no validity as qualities dictate Varna and as such there are plenty of Brahmins at the top. But such a thing didn't happen, predictably.

Another point to note is that Aravinda Rao agrees that Hinduism has failed to reach the deprived classes. Though he does suggest that that needs to change, he wastes no time in blaming other religions on "cashing in on the weakness of Hinduism". Hinduism, going by the narrative of its apologists is pretty old. How many more years does it need to reach the common people?

The answer again lies in the elitist, patronizing attitude that is at display in the interview. Supposedly not everyone can understand the arcane philosophies and they have to be dumbed down in the form of rituals, etc.. so that the common people can understand them.

Science isn't easy to understand. And yet millions of school kids understand it. Because an effort has been made to teach them. Ancient India was pretty rich. Setting up schools where kids of all people are taught a variety of subjects couldn't have been that difficult. But in reality, education was hereditary.

Of course none of that will ever be acknowledged. Lip service will always be paid to display a veneer of forward thinking of Hinduism. A close examination will reveal that Hinduism , at least the kind espoused by people like Aravinda Rao, will remain an elitist enterprise with membership closely guarded.

The lamentation that Hinduism is at threat isn't really true. Some traditional structures of Hinduism are at threat is a more accurate statement. Which should be a good thing, if the lip service isn't just lip service. Hinduism evolves, it is tolerant, they say. Well, then they should live upto it. Talk is cheap. Unless they can walk the talk, there's no use complaining that other religions are poaching from Hinduism.
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