Another Breatharian yogi
I have been regular visitor to nirmukta, for almost 8 years now,  but I've only now signed up. Thank you for all the good discussions and articles.

Another "Breatharian", a certain gentleman Elitom Amin, has been invited by the "knowledge forum" of our apartment folks to give a talk this Sunday. Among others, his claims are :
- Not having eaten for the last 18 years except on rare occasions
- deriving energy from air and light. His flyer even had the temerity to say "photosynthesis"

I have spoken up about it and had numerous discussions with people over the last few days.

The list of defense arguments so far are :
- You don't have an open mind. (But an open mind doesn't mean suspension of critical thought !)
- Science is heartless. (say, what?!)
- This has been done before. Look at the Buddha Boy documentary ( saw it, and debunked it. The wikipedia controversies section was enough. )
- They also flung the standard set of youtube videos at me. And also told me to google and educate myself.
- The standard "you have to experience it to understand"
- One of them forwarded my questions to that chap and he has backed off saying he never made those claims, but his supporters did. Is it still not on him to rein in his "supporters", and still is false marketing.
- Finally, when they couldn't come up with more, they're like, ok, he might not be 100% genuine, fasting is beneficial, let us hear him out and take that advice from him. (But then, why take it from a charlatan, or at best, someone who is false marketing?)

I also told them that my stance is changeable and all it requires is a peer reviewed scientific paper showing how it's done, or a controlled test administered by doctors where he stays without eating for 1 month, forget 18 years.

My contention continues to be, if he had simply said that he's living on less food, or doing some meditation, that's fine, whatever floats his boat. But why the need to bring in photosynthesis and try to decorate it with scientific terms, when, after all, "science is heartless"  ?

I am, however, still unable to convince the apartment folks though. I have not spoken harshly or dismissively since that would be used as ammo against me . But I'm at a loss as to how else to convenience them beyond this. Most, if not all of these folks are engineers.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Right now the chap seems to be backing off on the talk and will instead visit at a persons house where they are going to .. umm.. photosynthesize.

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