Another logically incoherent comment for us to practice our fallacy detection skills
This comment contains numerous ad hominems and other obvious fallacies. But there are some not so common ones in there as well. The comment was left on prof. Nayak's article on the fraud yogi, Ramdev. Here it is:

Quote:Mr. Narendra Nayak (or so called professor),
I have been searching for your information for long and now I found out. I have read your article and have read your venom and your one sided attitude. Some of things may not be ok from Ramdev but largely he has revolutionized health consciousness And he should be rightly credited for it. .And yes,Yoga does help in in curing most of ailments and this is coming from more educated and knowledgeable man than your idiotic ill informed brain.
Next I was actively searching for your comment when story broke out on Prahlad Jani -The yogi who has lived without water and food.
What do you say about him???
Before you utter via your vocal cord,mind you he has been investigated by scientists who have more neurons and brain than your idiotic mind. But I would like your comment to be properly published in media and your favourite youtube .Ideally I would like you to go an investigate him. If I remember ,sometime back you were giving prize to disapprove you.I would like to challenge you to prove him wrong.
Also you have an opinion about some pseudo people which is OK but not all are pseudo, So use your neurons before you evoke anything from your vocal cord.Do research and then blabber. People are not living in 10 yrs back India and now people are more well informed. So your shop will also not go too far

Here's the link to the original. Please discuss the fallacies and then respond to the original comment!

Dinner is served, come and get it! Hungry
"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.
That poster is terribly crazy. Do we really need to take a logical fallacy finding approach to refute him? Has has no clue how to disagree ( on internet forums.

This part below is too funny -

Quote:Do research and then blabber. People are not living in 10 yrs back India and now people are more well informed. So your shop will also not go too far

The poster is only pretending to have respect for research. "Do research and then blabber". Blabber? Or is it that the poster's english is poor? There is also an assumption that people are better informed now than in the past. I can't see any logical fallacy in this, other than that it is not really backed up by anything other than the poster's opinion. People may just be much better dis-informed now in the age of the internet.
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While several individual fallacies come to mind while reading his heave, I want to sum it all up into one fallacy:

The Fucktard Fallacy Double fuck


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