Anti-gay Closeted Christian Homosexuals- Hypocrites
This seems to be a trend these days. Homophobic priests and Politicians turning out to be closeted gays. Here's the latest story reported by Rachel Maddow:

There are some serious questions that can be asked, especially from the psychological perspective. Any scientific hypotheses for why some people indulge in such hypocritical actions?
"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.
I guess power and hypocrisy go together. There was a study, done a while back, which came to the same conclusion.
More than hypocrisy, it is the fear or rejection by family, friends and discrinmication by the society. If homesexuality is considered a natural orientiation then their official percentage of the total population would be much higher.

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