Are there any atheist/rationalist/secular/freethinker schools for children in India
Hi all,
Are there any schools for children run by an organization that is explicitly atheist/rationalist/secular/freethinker or combination thereof in India. I know that theoretically government run schools are supposed to be secular, but I am uncomfortable with the prayers and the peers.
This is specifically in Chennai/Mumbai/Bangalore/Pondicherry (coz that is where we have family networks), any other location would also be OK. This is not a hypothetical question, our child is 2 years old. We have avoided explicit mention of supernatural, neither to scare not for deification (except Spiderman, the little one LOVES Spiderman!).
Here's what i found?

You don't need a school in the first place.

You can teach your kids.

Surely it's not a dogmatic method, education system I am sharing and NOT the way you think.

Do some search and i can assure you most probably you will be easily be able to homeschool your kids.

The difficulty level is just like riding a BICYCLE. No matter how restless, distracted or differently skilled your kid is.

Yes, i repeat the difficulty level of home schooling is only as difficult as  learning to ride a BICYCLE.

I repeat once more, it is only as difficult as learning to ride a BICYCLE.

This is just to tell you that you can do this if you know how difficult it was to learn a bicycle, that's all.

Later you should not regret.

TRY Banu Home Education

The knowledge of education would change a man as, a complete man. Nowadays educational system is not good. This education is only for providing degrees and certificates, rather than the cultural education, which is coherent with life. Generally, the children are interested to learn things through story telling education, cartoon education, music, songs and dance. Most of the schools don’t follow this kind of education. The children are forced to learn through the imaginary and unwanted manner, in the name of education. What is the use of this kind of education?

Every student is special but their skills are not cherished. The individuality of children is disappearing because of constraining the children by teaching the same bored lessons. No students are provided freedom with this education system. Why do we need this education, which is turning children into sheep? Children should not be made to obey authority rather than obeying family and people. Children should be taught to differentiate between goods and bads, themselves. We have composed all the prescription in several parts, which should be followed by teacher, parents and students. Each student should be shining in his life, who follows these description. Banu-home education is not an educational institution, on contrary, it is a guide to every student, for learning themselves, from their places even without going to school. The study scheme is being designed by Healer Baskar Ayya and distributed at free of cost.

The current system of education is not perfect, so Banu Homeschooling is a site developed by Healer Bhaskar to regulate it.
Syllabus I: You should watch a video or article titled "Banu Homeschooling".
Syllabus II: Watch a video or article titled "Cartoon Education System" where the idea is to teach children to watch cartoons.
Syllabus III: Watch a video or article titled "WOW Education System", which will explain German education programs.
Syllabus IV: Things parents need to do before embryo formation.
I: Participate in a 5 day class run by Healer Bhaskar and learn how to organize food, air, water, sleep, labor and mind. How to attend 5 day class
A. You can attend a live class in Coimbatore, Chennai, Malaysia and many other cities. Phone: + 91-8870666966.
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C. You can view Youtube.

D. Website: Free Download.
E. Request to mail to All video, audio and book of Healer Bhaskar will be sent to Google Drive in 9 languages for free.

Syllabus V: Things to do during pregnancy.
A. Women should read the book for you.
B. Read the book Happy Holidays in the Goddess.
C. "lubricants result '' Part 1 and Part 2, entitled the article read. (Video does).
D. during pregnancy and the exercises as soon as the video is going to come. It should be done regularly.
E. More details below 5 persons contacted description pride.
1. Ms. Akhila - Phone: + 91-9600584183
2. Mrs. Gayathiri - Phone: + 91-9443040660
3. Ms. Manihali - Phone: + 91-9600779081
4. Mrs. Gomati - Phone: + 91-8883332768
5. MRS. Saaidevi - Phone: + 91-9790602414
F. Don't watch TV during pregnancy. Do not see an English doctor. Do not be vaccinated, do not eat medicine, pills or nutritional pills. Do not scan.
Syllabus VI: Cutting the umbilical cord is not good for a newborn. So how to grow without cutting the "Marutti Sukravasavam" video, article, youtube, you have to understand and see the delivery.
Syllabus VII: Read the article titled "The First Year of Childbearing" on how to raise a child from birth to one year of age (video, no audio).
Syllabus VIII: Mother tongue is better. English is not good. English is the only language. It is understandable that there is no English knowledge. Read the article titled "Vocabulary" and check out Vinod's documentary on the "illusion of education destroying English". (Not on youtube).
Syllabus IX: How to be a kindergartener, teacher, tutor, classroom educator Read and understand the video , article, youtube titled "Sagambari Education"  .

Syllabus X: See the video , article on youtube titled "Earth School" on how to be an academic, school, teacher, lesson, class, room, and mix program for 5 to 12 year olds  .
Syllabus XI: What to read and where to read over the age of 12. Ask the following people how to:
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Syllabus XII: Read 200 Years of Learning in 2 Years of Art. Mr. Bhasipriyan has taught 200 languages himself and his 10-year-old son. Read the article (+ 91-9789960549) and teach your children many languages.

Syllabus XIII: The article, video , titled Midbrain Activation, on- youtube . Many fraudulent companies have been deceiving parents and children as children read with eyes closed. Read, understand and gain clarity.
Syllabus XIV: Read the article on Finland's educational system. Finland Education is the best education in the world.
SyllabusXV: Cartoon the viparitankalum from the kids to save the system "cartoon of a curse, '' titled Cartoon impacted Shamir. Hussain, the expression student's biography video obtained or lantaikal of the education offered my parents' duty to determine what Anaimalai Satya video obtained or youtube-in  look.

SyllabusXVI: You can understand the role of parents in the education of children by getting animalai sathya video or watching it on youtube

SyllabusXVII: Learn Computer Software In Tamil. Get the idea to do innovative business after college. Mr. Dakshinamoorthy Salem. Phone: + 91-9443224279 Contact.
SyllabusXVIII: Schools that follow the Banu Homeschooling Policy.
1. Mrs. Maheshwari, Maharishi School, Coimbatore. Phone: + 91-9894449728
2. Mrs. Abirami, Repository School, Karaikudi Phone: + 91-8825608023
3. Mrs. Amutha, Erode. Phone: + 91-9884458101
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Q & A
Q: homeschooling, keep the name of the method you want to study at home without going to school irukkirirkale then?
Answer: Only the name is so. But you can also study at home. Let's go to school.
Question: Can we teach and teach our children?
A: There is no school here. It is not a site, only an admission to learn to regulate education
1. First of all, Syllabus should be patiently read, listen and understand.
2. Sagambari and the Earth School is a special place to visit once in a while.
3. Before contacting the given numbers, you must read the relevant video, article, and youtube.
4. Don't stop kids from school right away. Do at least 1 year of research first. Once you understand clearly, you can decide.
5. The conclusion of the last consultation is correct. So often ask for a new "A4 SHEET" (+ 91-8220667120).
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I shared the full details not to scare you.

But just to say how easy it is. You just have to get attuned to it a bit. As i said, its only as difficult as learning a bicycle plus there is enough help at hand.

You can bring up your kids as rational as you want and as free thinking as you want, coz you are the one who will be teaching him, not the school.

BEST PART YOU CAN IGNORE WHAT AN ALL YOU DO NOT WANT TO TEACH YOUR KIDS. If you do not like anything in the system you can choose to not teach it to your kids.

SOME of it might sound really radical and obnoxious like not going to doctor while pregnant or avoiding medical treatment or not getting your child vaccinated. Yes it starts right from your conception as a parent to graduating your kid.

Choose at your will, use your common sense. If you are really dedicated its possible. Imagine how tribes in Andaman or African bushmen must be doing it. More importantly, most of the world 175 years ago hardly went to hospitals i guess, while humanity has been alive since 1000s of years. I am not against medicine or science. Yup i know mortality is high or risk chances are high if you do these things at home or why go primitive, that is not the point. See what you can do, if you feel it's outrageous ignore it.

But surely the home education can be given a try. Again IT IS YOUR COMFORT LEVEL. If not all surely some of the parents can surely connect with what i am saying. It is for those who think they can, rest can ignore.

For eg: See what the corona virus has done.
Or say if kid got an accident and he is at home and on bed rest. Imagine as a parent if you can teach your kid and he can write or somehow attend the exam. Just saying there will be parents who can feel they are suited to home school, it is for those.

Anything can happen, home school, parent may not be able to complete the mission or even school something can happen or yet another coronavirus can happen. Not scaring, just saying risk is there in everything. You see what is your risk APPETITE and choose home school or ignore it. It has its own benefits and risks.
You can also check out this.

Do not get fooled by the title of the video, but see how these parents teach or homeschool their kids.
It's not the way you exactly want it, but they are not sending their kids to school. So how are they doing it.
It's just a pointer, you see how can you do it.

Family of 7 Living Completely Off-Grid in Northern Canada!

In this video, we meet Jeff, Rose, and their 5 girls who are living completely off grid on a 40-acre piece of land in Northern British Columbia, Canada.  They built their own off-grid house for less than $25,000 with cedar posts sunk into the ground like a pole barn, log rafters, plywood, foam insulation, and a living roof.  The house was so  affordable to build because they didn't have to excavate or pour a concrete foundation, dig a well, or install a septic system.

They have 2 solar power systems to power everything they need.  The first solar system is just one solar panel that generates 12-Volt power for their lights, cell phones, and music player.  The larger system is a 2.5 Kilowatt solar power system installed on their shop roof with a lithium ion battery bank that powers their full-sized fridge, a chest freezer, washing machine, as well as a mixer, blender and a toaster.  They have a backup generator but they only have to use it for about 40 hours per year during prolonged cloudy or snowy periods.

All of the water the family uses is rainwater collected from their shop roof and stored in a tank under the shop floor to keep it cool.  They carry buckets of water into the house for cooking, dishes and showers.  To produce clean drinking water, they filter their rainwater in a passive water filter called a Burkey (check them out here:

The grey water from their kitchen sink and shower drains into a shallow grey water field in the backyard.

They have 2 composting bucket toilets and they sprinkle sawdust into the buckets after each use to absorb moisture and prevent smells.

For heat, they cut their own firewood for their Blaze King catalytic wood stove, and for their antique cookstove in the kitchen that they use for cooking and baking.

Jeff and Rose homeschool their 5 girls for a few hours each day and also ensure that their kids are learning diverse life skills like growing their own food, caring for horses, raising bees, and more.

We're very impressed with the clever solutions this family has come up with to make off-grid living seem so easy.

If you want to learn more about this inspiring family and follow their journey, check out their Gridlessness project — they have a blog and a YouTube channel.

I repeat - Jeff and Rose homeschool their 5 girls for a few hours each day and also ensure that their kids are learning diverse life skills like growing their own food, caring for horses, raising bees, and more.

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