(08-Jan-2013, 03:25 PM)ashusingh597 Wrote: It also tells you about your travel for the day so that you can plan it accordingly.

Is it like listening to the traffic report, where it is the same for me and my car pool partner. Or do both of us have different travel predictions?
(26-Apr-2010, 06:24 AM)K. P. S. Kamath Wrote: 1. ......The old astrologer called him on his own as said, "You will not practice in Udupi. Your horoscope says you will pracrtice in Mangalore." .......

Couldn't this be interpreted as an advice. Your brother heard this "prediction" and when the opportunity to move to Mangalore came about he took it. I assume Mangalore is a bigger city than Udupi. Sort of like the astrologers routinely predicting that your kid with go abroad. And then the parents educating the kid and making sure that he actually ends up going abroad.

(26-Apr-2010, 06:24 AM)K. P. S. Kamath Wrote: 2. The same old astrologer called my brother around 1970 and told him, "Your father's chart shows that he would be critically ill on such and such a date in 1971. You better be with him." .........

3. My grandfather knew of a well-known astrologer in Mangalore. He told my grandfather that he would die at the ripe old age of 90 on a certain date in 1971. My grandfather informed my brother about it. As the day of his predicted death, the old man arranged all his papers and stuff. On the predicted day he died in bed.

These could be the reverse of 1. Had your father and grandfather not known about these predictions and these events had still happened then it would have been impressive.

(26-Apr-2010, 06:24 AM)K. P. S. Kamath Wrote: 4. On June 15th 1974, my older boy was born in a hospital in Middletown, CT. The doctor delivering the baby gave us the worst news any prospective father could hear, "You son has a birth defect in his left leg due to the medications given by your wife's doctor to control vomiting." It was a shock of my life. My mother in law who was with us hid the information from my father in law in India. As per Brahmanic requirement, we gave my father in law the exact date, time, location, etc. to draw a horoscope on my son. The man who drew the horoscope was my ex-professor of physics, who was also an amateur astrologer. He never charged anyone any money. The next day we got a call my my father in law in which he said, "Mr. Achar says the child has a birth defect in his left leg. Is that true?" My mother in law did not want to upset my father in law. So she said, "No. The child is doing very well!."

The next day my father in law called again and said, "Mr. Achar says he is baffled. He re-charted the horoscope. He says it shows a birth defect in the child's left leg." Once again, my timid mother in law held back her tears and said, "Mr. Achar must have made some mistake. The child is just fine!"

This is very bizzare. Could be a coincidence. But there could be a plausible explanation as a lot of issues could be at play here. If we had the exact transcripts of all the communications between your mom-in-law to father-in-law to Astrologer to father-in-law to mom-in-law... we might be able to analyze it and figure out what happened.

Pardon me if this is a bit insensitive, but here is a hypothetical series of event that roughly fits your write-up.

First phone call
Mom-in-law to father-in-law: Kid was born at location x around time yy:zz.
Father-in-law to Mom-in-law: That is great. Is everything OK?
Mom-in-law to Father-in-law: Yes. (But not in a very enthusiastic tone.)
Father-in-law to Mom-in-law: But you do not sound ok. Is everything OK?
Mom-in-law to Father-in-law: No. Everything is OK. I am just tired with very little sleep. Talk to you later.

Father-in-law though happy about the grandkid is still a bit concerned. Goes to the Astrologer.

Father-in-law to Astrologer: My grandkid was born. I am happy but a bit concerned as the wife did not sound too happy over the phone. Anyway, here is location and time. Can you please draft me the horoscope and let me know if everything is OK.

Astrologer does his thing but is already primed with the less than enthusiastic response of the mom-in-law. And then...

Astrologer to Father-in-law: Here is the horoscope. I see that there could be a problem. The kid might have a birth defect.

Father-in-law then calls mom-in-law.

Father-in-law to mom-in-law: The astrologer says that the kid might have a birth defect.
Mom-in-law to father-in-law: No there is no problem.
Father-in-law to mom-in-law: Are you sure.
Mom-in-law to father-in-law: Yes, astrologer must be wrong.

But eventually the father-in-law learns about the defect in the leg. As these events were retold over the next several days by everyone involved the astrologer's vague predictions of birth defect could have been corrected to the defect in the leg with little bits and pieces of information inadvertently added by various people.

I am not making light of the situation with this hypothetical series of events. Just trying to find a plausible explanation. I have heard several anecdote like this (less serious than this) from my relatives but when I find out what exactly they told the astrologer before he made the prediction of an event that already had taken place, and what exactly he said the story becomes less and less impressive.
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