Books by Indian Atheists and Freethinkers
I think books written by Indian freethinkers are not as popular as their western counterparts. So let's share books by Indian authors that we enjoyed.
I've recently read The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen. Although Sen identifies himself as a Hindu, the book is good fodder for a free thinker.

In the book, he stresses the fact that India had a rich history of conflicting philosophies (including Carvaka) and debates between proponents of each philosophy were common. He laments that the present day Hinduism largely ignores this rich argumentative tradition, instead concentrating only on texts which have Vedic roots.

He also notes that India had one of the earliest systems of secularism in the world during Ashoka's reign, a fact which is conveniently forgotten by present day religious fundamentalists.
Yes I agree, I quite liked Amartya Sen's book. I don't like his 'culturally Hindu' position which as this website shows is a rather meaningless stance.

Do you know of any books specifically about Carvaka ? Preferably a modern day exposition rather than a literal translation. I thought I read somewhere that most of India's ancient secular thoughts were lost/burned.
I just found this on amazon. There is no description, I wonder what it is

Tamil Atheists: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Periyar E. V. Ramasamy, M. Karunanidhi, P. Chidambaram, P. Jeevanandham, E. V. K. Sampath
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Ramendra Nath's - Why I'm not a Hindu (An Article inspired from Bertrand Russel's Why I'm not a christian)

One of my all time Favorites - "Why i am an Atheist" Bhagat Singh

'Nasthikanaya Daivam' by Ravichandran, translating ideas of Richard Dawkins 'God Delusion' into Malayalam

Gora's writings.

Abraham Kovoor's works
- I had read a book in Malayalam when i was a kid (Do not remember the name though). The book composed of many short stories which were personal experiences of Kovoor on rebirths, being possessed by a spirit, holy or evil incarnations etc. He gives out scientific explanation with the help of science and psychology
I just finished reading 'Why I am an Atheist' by 'Shaheed-e-Azam' Bhagat Singh, with an introduction by Bipan Chandra ( People's Publishing House (P) LTD., New Delhi, Rs. 15). It is short and sweet. The book also contains another work- 'An Introduction to The Dreamland'.
To my friends out there who are familiar with Urdu/Hindi, I would recommend the works of Kaifi Azmi, Ali Sardar Jafri, Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz' and even Makhdoom Mohiuddin.Some very tastefully produced volumes are available in the market. They wrote what was called Inqalaabi Sha'eri( revolutionary poetry) and occasionally dealt with the themes of religion, its stultifying effects and its futility. Since they were associated with the left-oriented Progressive Writer's Association of India( Anjuman Taraqqi Pasand Mussanafin-e-Hind), their works are redolent of Marxist thought.
I recently came across 'Indian Atheism' by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya. It has a palpable Marxist tenor, seeing as its author was an eminent Marxist philosopher. I am not a fan of Marxism, but I found some of Mr. Chattopadhyaya's theories interesting. For him, "atheism represented the widest field of agreement among the philosophers of Ancient India".
(02-Jul-2010, 02:45 PM)bala Wrote: I think books written by Indian freethinkers are not as popular as their western counterparts.  So let's share books by Indian authors that we enjoyed.
We have three excellent books by Narendra Dabholkar:

The Case for Reason: Volume One: Understanding the Anti-superstition Movement

The Case for Reason: Volume Two: A Scientific Enquiry into Belief

Please Think

All books available in 

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