Breatharian- Nourishment from light
Reddit pointed me towards this site. I found this link that sets a new bar for pseudoscientific jibber-jabber. You thought Zero Therapy was full of hooey?

Just a taste, to quote

Quote:A breatharian is a person who is nourished by light and has no need for food or drink. Breatharianism is within human potential, but for most it remains dormant. Those who feel drawn to living on light nourishment can activate this potential, but not said that it is an easy task.
One day breatharianism will be widely known and considered the natural thing that it is.

Here's a taster from the FAQ: Bold emphasis my own
Quote: Not only do chakras support glands, other organs and the entire physical body. Chakras are also vital for the ability to manifest the body from light alone.
When all chakras are active, and our DNA is active and magnetic, and the top chakra - 7th or crown chakra - turns white, our body manifests itself without requiring food. Our aura becomes white, and each of our cells fill with white and get their own energy production which does not depend on calories from food. And as this light flows through our body, whenever there is the need of any cell or part of our body, the DNA becomes magnetic in its equivalent of the code for that particular cell. DNA is sound, and this particular sound acts as a prism, separating the required colors from the light, and the colors manifest the required part of the body.
When a person does not have all chakras active, and the Kundalini is not awakened, nor is the DNA magnetic, and light does not flow in the required way, a person can in no way separate any colors from the light. That is why average people require food to support them with body material, and why they will starve and die without food.

Are you feeling silly yet? Huh.

This seems to be trying to incorporate a bit of all kinds of scientific terminology including magnetism, energy, light and colors, cells and sound in a highly unscientific context.
The guy contradicts himself: DNA is magnetic and then it becomes sound which in turns acts as a prism?
The key behind this BS may be trying to work photosynthesis in plants and algae into a human setting. Light is used to fuel biochemical reactions in plants (splitting water to separate the H2 and the O2). Still, it's a hilarious and epic FAIL. Face Palm
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