C.Ravichandran on Asianet News
C.Ravichandran [Author of the Book, "Nasthikanaya Daivam" (നാസ്തികനായ ദൈവം ) ( Malayalam ) - A study on Richard Dawkin's The GoD Delusion ] will be featuring on Malayalam Satellite Channlel Asianet News ( ഏഷ്യാനെറ്റ് ന്യൂസ് ).

Date & Time: 6th June 2010, 6.30 pm

Program Title: Pen Parvam (പെണ്‍ പര്‍വ്വം )
Program Subject: Vaasthu ( വാസ്തു )
tuned to asianet news ( Channel) for Penparvam.
Discussion was interesting and waiting for the next week for the 2nd episode.

The host should introduce every participant at the beginning of the program, how can the common man know, who's speaking and what's his credentials are..... this is strange.

I missed out the episode infact i didnt know about this until a few moments ago. Guess i will have to be more active on the forums. Can you brief on what were the discussions and what episode was all about. Also what date doest they air this show and what is it all about.
Azad, the next episode of the programe will be aired on the 13th Sunday 6.30 pm IST on Asianet News.
Let me search youtube's asianet channel for the video. I will post here if I found it out.
just a reminder for the links

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