Hello! My name is Dren Asselmeier and I am a campus organizer with the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, New York, USA.

The Center for Inquiry is an organization based in the USA that helps to promote science, reason, and secular values, all over the world. We have been an international organization for several years, so I wanted to try to spread the word through this website to make sure that freethinkers in India know that we are available for support as your freethinking community grows.

I work with campus groups in colleges and universities as well as with younger students and teenagers. CFI has a campus program that gives promotional materials and advice to students in order to help them spread the word about science, reason, and secular values at their schools.

Any group can ask to affiliate. The list of groups that are already affiliated is here:

At the top of that page is a link to our affiliation form where you can sign up as a new group (select "prospect"). I am also always available to help answer questions you might have and give you support as students.

You can email me at

I really hope to hear from some students in India because it would be great to hear how things are for you as freethinkers and to help however I can. Thanks for reading!
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Hi Dren,
Nice to see that the CFI is showing interest in our movement. We're actually working on starting an organization in India along the lines of the CFI. See here:
I'm actually in contact with Lauren Becker, the VP and Director of Outreach at CFI, and have requested the CFI for advising us on organizational management. We are currently working on forming Nirmukta regional groups in all the major cities in India, and eventually plan on also forming student groups all over the country. It would be very beneficial to all if we can work together towards bringing the freethought community worldwide together!
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That's fantastic! Yeah, Lauren is just a few offices down from me smile

I have also heard that there are some people affiliated with CFI who are involved in the movement in India: The CFI India website needs to be updated, but those contacts are still up-to-date as far as I know.

I look forward to seeing what you will accomplish. It's very exciting! We're here if you need help and Lauren is very knowledgeable about how to organize and lead. See you!


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