Civil matrimony versus 'Holy' matrimony
From the fest of exhibitionism and voyeurism that was the British royal wedding, there seems to be one case study of sorts that we can glean with instructional profit.

The above video clip is notable in that it provides instances of a ceremony in 'holy matrimony' which is so replete with frequent references to fear of God and dread of judgment, where the option of conscientious objection is offered only to the males in the congregation and where there is an explicit statement of what the religious establishment thinks the 'purpose of marriage is', namely populating the earth and maintaining tradition!

Joseph Campbell in this video explains how 'marriage and killing are related', in that most cultures have cast marriage as a death of individuality and the beginning of assimilation into a society.

Here are some related questions of interest:
1) Among freethinkers, what is the consensus on what the purposes and merits of the institution of marriage are, even as they reject the reasons provided by religion?

2) What are the freethinker's suggested methods to reconcile individualism with the compromises inherent in matrimony?

3) How can we best learn and built upon suggestions for 'civil marriages' such as those suggested by the New Atheists or the 'Self-Respect Marriages' in Tamil Nadu?

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