Coming out to family
How did you guys tell your family? And how did they react?
Well In my case since my parents are bit modern and they don't believe in any superstitious beliefs and all.So it was easy for me to grow in good social life.Also have got may to read and understand a lot about science and nature.
Hasn't been a smooth ride. In my case, there hasn't been a singular 'coming out' moment, but a gradual step-by-step refusal to carry out religious tasks that I would consider to be against my line of thinking -- things like bowing before inanimate objects like statues and photos, or bowing before self-styled godmen, or dropping my hard-earned money into the coffers of rich temples, etc. Some of these things do annoy my family.

I'm not always confrontational. If my family wants, I can perform rituals which I consider harmless -- like accompanying them to places of religious interest. My idea is to be non-religous without being a douche.
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