Congratulations, and welcome
Congratulations on all you've achieved so far, and welcome to the wider world of freethinkers on the net, where so much is done in the name of disseminating information and exchanging ideas.

I'm Geoff, from Australia. I'm active on a number of forums, and I'm here because Ajita came to RatSkep to tell us about your community here. I thought that a friendly (if slightly booze-addled) handshake in recognition of what you are doing and have done so far might be the least I can offer. I've known a couple of freethinkers from India (I'll be surprised if at least one of them doesn't show up here), and they've always been wonderful people - insightful, witty, not afraid to question, not afraid of questions.

From what I can tell, you've got one hel of a lot of work ahead of you, but then that pretty much goes for us all. There are a lot of people who don't seem to think, let alone think freely, in the world. I'm just highly pleased to be able to (personally... I don't speak for anyone else) welcome you and your efforts. If I can help in any way (I probably can't, but there's no harm in asking) then feel free to ask.

You're doing good stuff here. I urge you to keep it up (as if you need any such urging from me).
Seriously mate???? You didn't say 'fuck' once!!!
I will. Give it time.

I'm fucking awesomely happy natselrox is here. Seriously. I didn't even invite the bastard. I considered doing so, but I hoped he'd find his way here. And he did.

Nats: I bestow upon you the duty of disseminating Rule #3.

On the other hand, I just give you a hug and welcome all the rest of the bastards here. You're my kind of bastards.

Nats is a cunt, by the way. Highest fucking praise I can offer. I actually have tears in my eyes at the thought that I could have been in close proximity to the subcontinent pulling its collective head out of its arse.

I love you lot.
Do come visit our poor country some time in the future, GM! Country liquor's on me!
If I can, I will. I don't really see how me visiting will help anything, though, so I prefer if I'm going to help that it be in ideas. Ideas trump money, and money trumps pissant idiots like me burning fossils to visit you lot.

If I can get to visit you some time, I will. I probably won't be able to anytime soon, and it really doesn't matter. I'd love to meet you lot, but it's not about us. It's about everyone, the children, all that.
Welcome to these forums, Goldenmane (Geoff) and natselrox! I love what you guys are doing over at RatSkep

And damn, you bastards have filthy mouths. But hey, what are introductions for other than to make a fuckin' great impression!

Nats, I'm really glad you both are here as well, and I sure hope that more and more people will start using these forums. I mean, if India lacks anything, its certainly not Indians :-/

Geoff, you're right that we have a whole lot of work ahead of us, but with folks like you ready to jump in and motivate our community, we will definitely get there. I mean, there certainly is a need for a forum of this sort in India, even if people haven't for the most part woken up to it yet. The Australian skeptic/atheist movement has been going guns ablaze these past few years, and I'm sure the recent Atheist convention there was a proud moment for Aussie atheists. I hope India will see such a day in the near future.

Also, you guys are my kind of bastards as well..
"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.
Thanks for the welcome, Ajita.

The recent convention in Australia was definitely something I'm quite happy about, although I don't really feel proud of it because I didn't have anything to do with organising it (I'm pretty bloody happy someone did, though, and am looking to become more directly involved).

I'm sure you mob will make terrific inroads. The more rational people in the population, the better, and the world is facing some pretty tough challenges right now.

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