"Dear feminists" - An article on livejournal
Here's an article from livejournal with some tips for feminists.
I started framing a reply...

Kupamanduka Wrote:If I go out at midnight to a gangster neighborhood, get shot, and my mother advises me to avoid such regions, it is not "blaming the victim".

If my mother, after I have been shot, keeps saying that the only reason I was shot was because I dared to venture into the gangster neighbourhood, then yes, she is blaming the victim. If our society has reached a point where women walking down the street at any time wearing whatever they please to wear is akin to walking unarmed in a gangster neighbourhood, and if they can be held accountable for the harassment they have to face for their said choices, then yes, we are victim-blaming. And seriously, how many times have we actually seen people asking the victim of a gunshot injury, "What were you doing there at that time? What were you thinking?" The next time you read the news of a person getting hurt/killed in an area with a higher rate of violence, try asking these questions with the same zeal that rape-apologists post 'safety-advice' with and you'll know the difference.

Kupamanduka Wrote:Sure there is a lot of "blame the victim" that goes around that you justly oppose, but a lot of what you label as "blaming the victim" is not so. By all means argue against those who say that women should not venture out in the dark, that they should dress conservatively etc., if you feel like; but try to understand that at least some of those who disagree with you are well meaning folks.

Throughout history, most of the harm that has been done, has been done by this 'sensitized', 'conformist' bunch of 'well meaning folks'. I feel that these 'well meaning folks', often, in their haste to dish out 'safety advice' to women, forget to devote any time or energy to criticising the actual root of the problem.
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**2. Does it not strike you as odd that the mishap was facilitated by the mismanagement of a Congress Government, and yet most of the blame thus far has gone to BJP sources, for just spoken words (which may be awful, but certainly far more innocuous than what the Delhi police have been up to)? Do you notice that Sheila Dixit has received fewer brickbats than Yeddy received post the Mangalore pub incident?**

This kupamanduka seems to be a right wing BJP hack. The culprits in the Mangalore pub incident were activists belonging to Shri Ram Sena, a group associated with BJP and Shiv Sena. But the Delhi rapists had nothing to do with Congress.

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