December meet agenda
I've created an event on Nirmukta's FB page:

This has details of the time, venue and proposed agenda.

Please RSVP on the event page on FB.

Let us use this thread to discuss the agenda/plan for the Dec meet.

Pankaj, can we more details about the venue? I have never been there, but I am guessing its a high school. Do you think it is possible to get a projector for the duration of the event? We could screen some videos towards the end.

Among things to talk about, there are a great number of ideas. I am guessing that a lot of time may be spent in just introducing ourselves, but that is not bad either. If we do have time to talk about something serious, we could consider some of the following:

1) We could discuss the efficacy of organising an email campaign to petition the government showing our solidarity with those who oppose the cow slaughter ban (in the form in which it has currently been passed in Karnataka). Of course, it may well be that there is not much consensus among freethinkers on this issue, but we could talk about that as well.
2) We could inform people about the World Atheist conference in Jan
3) We could talk about personal experiences, where we have had problems talking to others about superstition, etc.
4) We could consider making a list of superstitions that educated people in urban areas believe and discuss how we could debunk them effectively.

I am just starting off the discussion by bouncing some ideas. Let's see how it goes!
Aditya Manthramurthy
Web Administrator & Associate Editor
Thanks, donatello. Good ideas.

Yes, the venue is a school. I doubt if they will have a projector, but I can check with Subba Rao. If we are to play a video, we will need a speaker system too.

I am more inclined to just meet, socialize and brainstorm at this meet. One of the discussion points can be about playing videos for subsequent meetings. My guess is that by the time we end the meeting, it will be lunch time. Some of us can then continue discussions at lunch.

One more point for the agenda: how can we work with the Akhila Karnataka Vicharwadi Sangham (the older group who are much more active) to support them and learn from their experiences.

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