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(07-Sep-2010, 05:50 AM)TTCUSM Wrote:
(06-Sep-2010, 11:12 PM)Ajita Kamal Wrote:
Quote:It's interesting that you brought up Japan and Iceland.
Japan has an HDI of 0.960, and Iceland has an HDI of 0.969.
Apparently, a country can be steeped in superstition and still have a very high level of development.

Improper use of correlation. As discussed above, we all have superstitions, including atheists. You are simply extrapolating from the facts about two countries to make a general statement.

Actually, I was not.
I was merely pointing out two exceptions to the rule (superstitious countries are less developed).

TTCUSM, you have missed the point completely, and are making the same mistake while saying that you are not. Please re-read my explanation above.

You cannot say that Japan and Iceland are "exceptions to the rule" without doing a comparative study on the degree of superstition present across different countries. The examples of Japan and Iceland as being filled with superstitious people was to draw a contrast with the fact that the people in these countries have lower numbers of god believers. That doesn't mean that they contain people who subscribe to more superstitions than the other developed countries.

"Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian"
~ J.B.S.Haldane, on being asked to falsify evolution.

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