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Following our last skype meeting, if any of the regional groups need any posters or banners designed, just leave a message here or drop me a mail at . I will try to get back ASAP.

Bala, as you know we have a number of projects lined up. You mentioned that you will be busy in the near future, so I thought I'll just put up some of the more immediate projects that we need to get to here.

1. This is a site that we've been trying to get going for more than a few months now. It has turned out to be a difficult job, and is not seeing much interest. But Sid and I are determined to make it happen. A basic template has been set as of now, but this could change.

2. This was a spur of the moment thing that we put together just yesterday. A bunch of us were discussing the Allah Fish that Sajith posted, and the idea of a site came up. We created the site in a matter of minutes. The template is good and I like the current color scheme. I've put up a temporary header. (Note: This site needs a whole header, not just a logo).

3. Indian Atheists: This is going to be our biggest project going forward. We have the domains, but we haven't started on the site yet. It will have to be a collaboration of many folks and as of yet we don't have the manpower for this. Sid has designed a temporary logo that we are now using on the Indian Atheists page on facebook. This is the least urgent of the lot, maily because we are not yet set to get this going.

These are just some of the work we have ahead of us. As you can tell, we're already biting off more than we can chew, but the hope is that it will come together as the organization grows.
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