Disingenuous multimillionaires
A few days ago our team attended an HR sponsored course conducted by Franklin Covey called the “7 habits of highly effective people”, based on a book authored by best-selling inspirational writer, Stephen Covey.
The desired habits included , being proactive which in turn meant making the “right” choices because we have the endowment of independent will, and we are because what our choices made us, and then taking complete responsibility for those choices. This seemed to be an affirmation of the free will concept.
Another desired habit was, “beginning with the end in mind”, which also included “making a mental picture which led to physical creation” ,as a path to success, which smacked suspiciously of some kind of intelligent design philosophy. The most important desired habit was “sharpen the saw”, which meant renewing yourself in body, heart, mind and soul.


Acting on suspicions of Stephen Covey being a preacher of Christian theology under cover of the improving effectiveness smokescreen, a check in Google was run, and to no great surprise it turned out that Covey indeed has a career as a priest in the Church of Latter day saints.


Here you can hear what he thinks about determinism and his affirmation of the free will philosophy.

This approach of preaching religious philosophy using the cover of improving effectiveness reminds one of similar tactics employed by indian gurus who seek converts in the west by using the “yoga is science” placard. And in common with Covey many of them are now multimillionaires many times over. I’m glad that even though I did pay a bit to the latter, it was my employer’s funds which compensated Reverend Covey for his preaching.
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