E.O. Wilson's 'Advice to Young Scientists'
Prof. E. O. Wilson in the following TED talk offers what he calls 'Wilson's Principles' to guide scientific endeavour, for young entrants into scientific careers.

1. Find a subject at your level of competence that interests you deeply and focus on that.

2. For any level of mathematical competence, there exists a discipline of science or medicine for which that level is enough to achieve excellence.

3. March away from the sound of the guns. Observe from a distance, but don't join the fray. Make a fray of your own.

4. The more difficult the problem, greater will be the importance of its solution.

5. For every problem in a given discipline of science, there exists a species or an entity or a phenomenon ideal for its solution. And conversely, for every species or entity or phenomenon, there exist important problems for the solutions of which those particular objects of research are ideally suited. Find out what they are.

Here are some questions for all practicing scientists as well as science-lovers at large. What are your instances in your readings or own career where you see these principles in action? If you were to compile your own list of principles, how different would it look from the above?

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