Even xkcd trashes Homeopathy (humour)
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I am pretty sure some of you read xkcd comics.

This one trashes homeopathy: http://xkcd.com/765/ Lol
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xkcd is hilarious. I saw this particular comic the day my mom started giving my brother some homeopathic pills. I didn't have the heart to tell her they aren't going to work on him. :( :(
Dara deserves a mention whenever anyone says "Homeopathy"! ;)


I am part of another online forum for rationalists and free-thinkers and we recently had a blast with a homoeopath from India. She'd post baseless links and out-of-context posts and it was like a 'shoot-at-sight' festival for the rest of us. I shouldn't be posting links to that one but PM me if you really want to have fun at the expense of a moron!
Here's another page strip i found on homeopathy

A must-watch! Wry British humor at its best.
"It's alright, I rarely meet anyone who's able to read it properly. Although personally, I never thought that it to be an odd of a name. Once I give people the pronunciation, they tend to remember my name by easily associating me with it. A unique face, a unique moniker."
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Lol That was pure gold!

On the other hand, I believe those homeopathy-style drinks towards the end might help put an end to a whole lot of alcoholism. Can we get people to actually try it?Thinking

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