[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]We are well into 2017, and so far it’s a year that has brought on plenty of business change. Not only in a political light, but with creative ideas that are adjusting the way the world does business. Advertising has been morphing into a real-time, mobile entity for years. Likes and current events are affecting what’s opening up as businesses, and what they’re selling. And that’s only the beginning.[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]Meanwhile, classic franchises are continuing to see success; new brands are growing through classic measures – and virtually every combination of the above. Times are sure changing, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less room for entrepreneurial growth, either. In fact, it means there’s even more exciting and new ways to get there; more interests for more types of business owners, and an added number of skills that can be turned into a profession.[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]Take a look at these growing trends that are making way for new business owners. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or a little more insight about business ownership, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in these professional ventures.[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]1. Food Trucks[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif][fon‌t=Calibri, sans-serif][fon‌t=Courier New]Brand Establishment[/font][/font][/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]This trend has actually been around for a few years, but if popularity has anything to say about it, they’re not even close to fizzling out. Food trucks are continuing to pop up all across the country, and in more and more locations. As for franchisers, it’s an easy way to open a business with minimal cost and supplies. It’s also a great idea for additional income for stationary restaurants. All they have to do is add a truck that travels around with their best dishes![/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]2. Service Trucks[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]Speaking of mobile businesses, another trend taking the world by storm is that of businesses on the move. Dog groomers, hair stylists, personal chefs, and more are all setting up in trucks and/or vans. It’s a move that gives them the ability to keep overhead as low as possible, while offering a novel service to the client: a service that meets them at their front door.[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]3. Employee-to-Franchisee[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif][fon‌t=Calibri, sans-serif][fon‌t=Courier New]Business Ideas[/font][/font][/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif]No longer is it just “the old guy” owning businesses. Newbies and young entrepreneurs working to create startups and self-owned locations. However, younger owners are also finding more pushback with their ability to secure a loan. Which is why companies have started programs that allow employees to work through the chain. After proving their worth and/or completing a specified program, employees are slated with the opportunity to purchase a franchise location. The perk often comes with financing in tow. See if your brand offers this incentive, and if so, consider sharing the news with employees who’ve shown an interest in one day becoming the boss.[/font]
[fon‌t=Arial, sans-serif][fon‌t=Calibri, sans-serif]business opportunities[/font][/font]

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