Faith and Laws of Universe
I  was reading a novel in which one of the characters does not believe in God but believes in Laws of Universe. Enquiry and the burden of enquiry lies with us. We need to promote rational thinking which creates an atmosphere conducive to justice and peace. The problem with rationalists is that they are seldom in the driving seat. They are reacting to situations around them. They need to lay foundation of good work by helping people in need of respite from casteism and other evils.
Faith. We need not argue with the Beilevers(as they would like to call themselves). We need to speak through our actions. The theists say good work continues only with blessings??? from God. We should convince them that it continues through sincere effort on part of humans and that putting responsibility on GOD??? is foolish. Why do we need a religious reason for philanthropy?
The need for God arises because we do not trust(have Bharosa on) ourselves. 
Laws of Universe. We need to experiment,conceptualize and create to know the Laws of Universe. We need to know the reason behind everything that can be identified in the Universe. We need to apply our knowledge of science and math to solve problems in our lives. We should continuously update and keep our mind fresh.

India needs a successful atheist entrepreneur.

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