False Allegation on Manu (ManuSmriti and Women))
(29-Sep-2011, 06:37 PM)svnst Wrote: Just spreading awareness ...

Every religion has it - they have all stated something or other derogatory about women. Relatively women enjoy better status in Hinduism than elsewhere - it is kind of like the lesser evil. Truly speaking one needs to rise above religious lookout to truly see the emanicipated woman.

The evidence says otherwise. This goes back to Ajita's point about apologists being good at seeing BS in other religions, but being blinded to what happens in their own religion. Of course the issue is not a black and white thing where you can point fingers only at religious scriptures. We freethinkers understand that it is more complicated than that. But it is funny and also sad (because of the non-trivial consequences these kind of views lead to) to watch apologists vehemently argue for a nuanced treatment of their beloved religion, but then throw away the nuance when it comes to other religions.
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(29-Sep-2011, 04:47 PM)Lije Wrote: Also, we don't need to link to bigots like Haindava Keralam when there are plenty of humanist sources that criticize Christianity.

I think we need to coin a term for this sort of whataboutery, since it is so fucking popular with the apologists in all religions. In the specific case here, criticism of Christianity is actually more prevalent than criticism of any other religion online. Also, Christian apologists are also known for claiming that atheists only attack Christianity and not other religions.

Two suggestions:
1. Apolism: a portmanteau of apologetic criticism, here specifically referring to apologists who deflect criticism of their religion by attacking other religions.
2. Apolemics: apologetic polemics. I like the other one better.
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