First time strong stance with family
The next time i go home, have decided to take a stance by not going to church with my folks. For one i know i am going to feel a little bad and odd. i never was a serious church goer any how, and its not like i have to do any major participation even if i do go, it was just the whole process of going together.
it is an important part in my family, at least once in a while. Am not even expected to mentally participate, just be physically present.

But now i don't know how else or what else to do other than taking this stance of not participating and be ' non-hypocritical'. It will be dis-heartening to my folks but i guess and hope they will get over it.
Specially with a wife of a different faith, and me making my stand clear on religion and freeing our child from the non-sense that i had to go through, i cannot be a part of this process however benign it might be. Right?

Reading Narendra Nayak's "Practicing Atheism In One’s Life Under All Circumstances" thread has been an inspiration, till then i did not think that taking a strong stance was even an option at all.

Am i being insensitive to my folks? Is there a transition mode? There are so many other fronts in which i am hypocritical, so why is this part in my life so important for me to be absolutely non-flexible.
I guess because of the absolute clarity i have and i have to work on the other fronts.

One step at a time.
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