Forum Rules

  1. Trolling is unacceptable - posting disruptive/inflammatory content, including (but not limited to) broad generalisations and personal accusations about specific people or groups that incite hatred or provoke emotional responses, misrepresenting other people's opinions after being corrected, posting off-topic after being asked to stay on-topic by forum staff.

  2. Caste prejudice, racism, homophobia and sexism are all unacceptable. Posting abusive/disparaging content about people's caste, race, sexual orientation or gender creates a hostile atmosphere in which a reasonable exchange of views is not possible. Serious offences in this regard should lead to a permanent ban.

  3. Respect the forum organisation. Read the descriptions of each forum and its subforums before posting and choose the most appropriate place. Staff may move/split/merge posts/threads which are deemed to be better placed elsewhere.

  4. Keep the discussion healthy. Avoid personal attacks against individuals but practice criticism of ideas. Disagree without being disagreeable. Defend your opinions without being defensive. And avoid making assumptions about other people when defending your viewpoints.

  5. Do not divert the topic or make off-topic posts. Deliberately trying to hijack a thread with off-topic posts is prohibited.

  6. Preaching and proselytising are prohibited. Nirmukta takes a stance that is against religious dogma of any kind, and presents atheism and scepticism as a legitimate and highly respectable standpoint. While members are free to discuss religious faith in these forums (with some caveats. See the next point), it should be possible for members to get into the debate without religious harassment or pressure to convert. These kinds of behaviour are expressly prohibited.

  7. On idealogical debates - Debates that we determine to be unsuitable for a particular forum because of various reasons, may be directed to a different forum or website where the conversation can be had in the proper setting. We are not opposed to debating and discussing the foundational ideas behind freethought with believers in various forms of supernatural beliefs, even if we have had those same debates many times in the past. However, we realize that there are some who are not interested in following the rules of reason and logic during debate. Such redundant and pointless debates cannot be allowed to prevent the important discussions from happening. There are other venues, such as our Indian Atheists facebook group ( , where we encourage debates between believers and atheists/skeptics/rationalists/naturalists.

  8. Commercial advertising is not allowed. These forums are not a place for members to advertise or promote a business without explicit permission from Nirmukta. Members posting such content frequently may be removed with/without warning as will their posts.

  9. Sex and Nudity - Discussions of these are limited to scientific studies and topics only. No discussions of personal sexual issues, or posts containing images/descriptions/discussions of sexual acts are allowed. Images containing such nudity is limited to established works of art or in a scientific/medical context. They must however be suitable for all ages and safe for viewing at work.

  10. Identity and Access. Members may register and use only one account on these forums. Members are assumed to agree to not let anyone else use their account on these forums for any kind of activity.

  11. Monitoring and Disclosure. does not and cannot monitor all the postings in the forums and other public areas. However, forum staff reserves the right (but assumes no obligation) to delete, move or edit any postings that come to our attention that we consider unacceptable or inappropriate, whether for legal or any other reasons. We will not, in the ordinary course of business, review Private Messages (PMs) that are not addressed to, or members of its staff. However, and its forum staff will comply with any applicable legal requirements regarding disclosure of such messages to others, including law enforcement agencies.
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  1. Violation of rules 1, 2 and 8 (Trolling/posting hateful, bigoted content/advertising) may invite an outright ban.
  2. For other violations, the user will be given a warning and the warning maybe given publicly. This is the first warning.
  3. If the user repeats the violation despite the warning, the user will be suspended for one/two days. This is the second warning.
  4. After the suspension expires/is lifted, if the user violates a rule again, the user will be suspended for a week. This is the third warning.
  5. Even after the third warning, if the user violates the rules again, he/she will be banned.

If you have been moderated and have anything to say about it, please use this thread.
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