Free Will a joke
This is most hyped word in Theology, anything we ask to an theist the answer will come because of Free Will.

Let's see if Free Will exist or not....

1) When we born, DO we have free will?

No, at the birth we don't have choice weather we want to take birth or not.
So, with our first second of existence in this world we loose our Free Will.....

2) Consider an example of deaf and dumb person.
Was it a free will for him to select weather he wants to live deaf and dumb? NO.
His physical situation is enforced to him by nature; there is no Free Will in that.

3) How human take decisions?

As per the science and psychology it's clear that human takes decision by past experiences.
He don't take random decisions, instead he uses his mind to take decision. And mind just operates in the boundary of it's
Knowledge. And from where this knowledge comes from? Past experiences.

Let's take a simple example,

When we spend certain years with someone, after some time we can predict the decision of that person.
So, if the person takes every decision by Free Will, then it should be random. But in reality it's not random but predictable.

4)"How two Different Person can think differently in Same Situation?"
This is the basic argument theist make in favor of Free Will.
Now, they generally say that
"Human has Free Will weather he selects the God or rejects"

Now, if some child is born in very orthodox Christian family, from the childhood everyday he goes to church, preach Bible.
Then there is no Free Will for him weather he wants to reject God. Because his mind is accustomed with an idea that god exists.

If same child was born in non religious family in Russia. And he has never came across word God, then through out the lifetime he will not believe in God, there is no question of accepting God because it's not came across his mind any time.

So, where is the Free will to choose......?
All actions are performed based upon past experiences, and our mind is a complex machine which debugs all the information gathered till today and takes the decision accordingly.
Now, I can't see any free will in this. Do You?

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