Frontline on the Sangh Parivar
The recent issue of Frontline takes a look at the Sangh Parivar:

War by other means - Cover story

Communal curriculum - The Sangh Parivar is systematically following its “Indianisation reforms” in schools run by its affiliates.

Sacred cow - The Madhya Pradesh government beefs up its saffron agenda with a “draconian” law.

‘A political tool' - Interview with D.N. Jha, historian of ancient India and the author of ‘The Myth of the Holy Cow'.

Guardians of faith - In Chhattisgarh, Hindutva manifests itself in the form of attacks on Christians; in Uttarakhand it does so in the form of promoting Sanskrit.

From lab to field - The Gujarat government's amendment of an Act meant to prevent distress sale of property smacks of an attempt at communal polarisation.

Saffron projects - Hindutva continues to be the main agenda of the BJP in Karnataka, as is evident from the cattle slaughter Bill.

‘Divisive consolidation' - Interview with Teesta Setalvad of Citizens for Justice and Peace.

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