Gotra and science...
forgive me if i am posting it in wrong place..
I want to find if there are any mistakes or uncalled assumptions and deviations from Genetics ..and thus mapping to ancient India...

Manuvadi's are trying to attach every modern findings to ancient trivial, blind beliefs. Thus elevating along with it other substandard beliefs and enforcing it on people.

As i am not well versed in genetics.. etc...,i am just raising some common sense questions and leave the actual discussion for nirmukta. Gotra is more of a social issue since ancient times..which manuvadis are not allowing to be debated on and solve it, rather they are trying to enofrce it .

a) the 7 rishis who are mentioned, were not really rishis, they were priests who conducted vedic rituals as a profession. This is what modern analysts say.
b) I feel Ancient people had a strong belief of superiority, purity of blood and some wild sanctity about their lineage.
c) Viswamitra is a kshatriya..., menaka is sort of yaksha..., child born to them belongs to what gotra...
d) To whom were all these 7 rishis born...
e) What is wrong in inter caste marriages where people belong to different gotras, the fact taht intercaste marriages were avoided strictly in ancient times itself shows that the whole idea related to gotras was about false purity. Why did not Manu and chanakya reason it out.., they were busy discriminating...
f) Which shastras and upanishads talk about chormosomes. Then likes of Shankara, madwa and Ramanuja why did not they find this and announce it to the world.
g) Sense of atom/aNu as defined by ancient greeks and hindus are totally different from what we know today...they were very trivial and we should appreciate them but not attribute modern findings tot them and say they knew everything.
its highly foosih to say vedic people were aware of quarks , higgs boson... ., probably manuvadis will map some sanskrit word to boson and quarks , and declare ancient India was aware of it. Just that they are busy in discriminating people at kukke subbramanya temple.

The genetics aspect was discussed in this thread -

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