Hello everyone,

This is Srivathsa - a new member. Have been visiting the website for sometime now; decided to join this forum today.

I gave up on organized religion when I was about 11 or 12 after being made to do a Ganapathi puja sitting in front of some idols. I thought it was the most foolish thing to do in the name of "carrying on traditions". I never sat for any of that stuff after that. Thankfully my parents did not force me to. I think organized religion ought to be counted as a crime against humanity for what it does to people - divides them, makes them kill, kills free thought, etc etc.

It also suddenly occurred to me that there is no god who controls everything. I have been an atheist for about 30 years now. My wife seems to slowly realize that there is likely no god.

I have two boys 11 and 9. I have brought them up as freethinkers - no talk of caste/religion at home. If they want to believe they can do so once they turn 18.

I am not sure what I will get out of this site or contribute; but let's see. An atheist group is a bit of a contradiction - no?


Welcome aboard. Please don't worry how you'll contribute or what's in it for you. Just start posting and you'll soon be making a lot of acquaintances here.
And as far as I go, an atheist group is not a contradiction; I fail to understand what makes you think it is. We are a group of like-minded individuals united by our disbelief, among other things, in a grand, orchestrated Universe created by an almighty Creator. We also bring to attention various practices and pseudosciences that attempt to part people from their money, are detrimental to their health and their society. We help debunk and demystify the apparently supernatural and we encourage scientific thinking and rationality and abhor superstitions and irrationality. We provide a platform for members of all generations to voice their opinion.

We are an awesome group and glad to have you on board!

Nick. Flowers
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Hey Srivathsa,
Welcome to the forums.

Even I am slightly confused as to why do you think an atheist group is a contradiction? Also, I typically do not like to be identified as an atheist. I like to be referred to as a freethinker as it is more accurate description of the philosophies that I support.

Happy Posting

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