Greetings from new member.
I am a little bit of an atheist, little bit of an apathesist, more of a humanist a little bit of a feminist, but more vary of the power of a collective, that under a banner of any name can harbor the crazies. I joined the community to introduce my self and because being a lurker is a bit creepy. Sorry to opine before introducing myself(I commented in the parenting thread). Though I lean towards personal freedom and 'don't care much' in general, I do believe there is a time a place to be thoughtful or active rather than apathetic(but that too is totally up to my judgement..heh).
Welcome to the forums Flowers
Big Grin 
(30-Dec-2011, 04:15 AM)LMC Wrote: Welcome to the forums Flowers

Thank you and a Happy new year to you

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