Greetings from Mysore
Hello and good day to fellow freethinkers.

I am an ex Pentecostal Keralite, currently in Mysore. Glad to find a platform to meet like minded individuals. I am still technically under the closet, especially when it comes to interacting with family.
Still unsure about how to go about making an open stand without hurting my mother and other close family. Almost all previous attempts at registering dissent have been met with extreme displeasure and hurt and distancing.
My journey into atheism stemmed from my ultra conservative upbringing and reading of the Bible. My efforts to justify Pentecostal Christianity and its dogmatic beliefs pushed me more into the Bible and its history until I realized that the whole thing was an elaborate historical and cultural construct, all man's doing.
Hoping to engage meaningfully in these forums, cheers! Biggrin
Welcome to the forums. smile

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