Greetings from TheTruth
Hi, I've never actually participated in a forum before. So I'm a bit nervous. So I'll just go ahead and introduce myself.

I'm an Atheist, quite vocal about it actually. My family isn't Atheist but nobody cares actually. They've never taken me to a temple, unless to appreciate the monument.

I live in Delhi. My age and sex are irrelevant and I think it just gives people ammo for ad hominem.

Oh and I have a hate list, In decreasing order of my hate towards them:

1) Sexists
2) Homophobes
3) Racists
4) Illogical and Unreasonable people
5) Pseudo Intellectuals

Religious fundamentalists cover all the above together, hence I hate them the most.

So that's me. Hi again. smile
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Welcome to Nirmukta! You will be among friends here, and among fierce critics of prejudice and bigotry.
For starters, these threads might interest you. Looking forward to more from you!

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