Greetings from the other side of the world
Greetings everybody!

As you can probably figure out from my user ID, I consider most religions to be pathological delusions that cause hatred.

I live in the USA, but my parents moved here from India way back when. I still have loads of relatives there as well. However, my dad and I are the only open atheists in the family (though I do have an aunt who seems to to care for religion, I don't know what her stances on religion are). Pretty much everyone else is a mainline Hindu, while my mom is an extremely liberal-minded Hindu who is still extremely devout.

The psychology of religious behavior is not just an interesting topic, it's also a grave matter of global security in our times, when religious warfare has made a disturbing return at the beginning of a millenium that was supposed to usher in a new era of optimism and cultural development worldwide. I guess we were all hopelessly naïve when the new millennium came around, but if nothing else, we can at least do what we can to learn about the depravity of human behavior.

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