Handy Guide To -Isms
Found this blog post (http://quinnell.us/sspb/?p=14426 ) that provides a list of things you should refrain from if you do not want to be any of the X-ists (X = sex, race, age, etc.). Thought people in this forum might find it useful.

The Don't's from the link are given below.

Quote:1. Directing physical or emotional harm or wishing harm upon the group

2. Saying or acting as if you hate, dislike or fear the group

3. Denying rights to members of the group

4. Refusing to hire, associate with or otherwise interact with members of the group, including segregating the group in society

5. Opposing government programs that disproportionately help a group that faces a history or present marked by discrimination or mistreatment

6. Treating members of the group differently than you treat members of your group

7. Treating everyone in the group the same–even if the treatment is positive

8. Saying you know better than the group does what is happening to them or what is best for them

9. Denying real-life experiences or statistically-proven challenges that the group disproportionately faces

10. Use of language that is derogatory towards the group, even if you don’t agree that it is derogatory or that

11. Ignorance of the history, challenges, language and culture that causes the group problems

12. Being blind to the differences between the group and other groups

13. Stating that your group faces the same problems as a group that statistically faces more of the problem or more intense versions of the problem

14. Telling members of the group that they shouldn’t be “sensitive” about problems that they face

15. Using the term “politically correct” (or some variation) to dismiss complaints from the group about discrimination or prejudice directed at them

16. Use of words that specifically or through implication imply that the group is inferior or disfavored

17. Failure to include members of the group in your media portrayals (unless warranted), focus groups, advertising targets, voter outreach, etc.

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