Hello. I am new to Nirmuktha
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Hello. I am Nivas Jayaseelan from Vellore. I am 21 years old Biggrin
I turned an atheist five years ago. I was born in a Hindu family and my family is still religious. I too was religious as every kid from an Hindu family. But i was skeptical from childhood. When i was told not to eat non-vegetarian on Saturdays, i used to question my parents why we should not eat only on that day. Is Lord Venkateshwara sleeping on other days? I had full faith on lord Venkateshwara and even had once asked him to make me a superhuman with lot of super hero powers, when i went to TirumalaFace Palm.
Slowly, i got to know more scientific facts, but couldn't give up God. I started questioning everything. Even when i was 14 i never knew or even heard of atheists. I thought "how could i be the only person who ask such questions? How was the world created. Who created god? Even if God will give me an explanation, i will still have a doubt who created godThinking"
Slowly i came across people having similar thoughts. Even though i didn't known anyone personally, i have read about Atheism. Only then i turned an Agnostic. Even then i believed that all these religions are false, but some God is present. My motto for sometime was "I don't believe in any religion, but i believe in God." Later, i became a full atheist.
Now, even though my family is religious, i don't celebrate any festivals. I don't go to temples and my mom doesn't force me to.

Hi, welcome Flowers
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Welcome Nivas. I have seen you around on FB groups.
Warm welcome Nivas28. Great to see that you have broken free of the shackles of religion.
Next step would be to break free of all kinds of bigotry.
You will find great resources on this forum to grow as a freethinker.
Happy reading and happy posting!
Welcome nivas. Hope you learn new things.

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