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Hello there! I'm a post-Christian and skeptic originally from New York. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with the missions groups and houses around Delhi. I ask because the church that I used to be a part of (called CCGN, see Wordpress blog) has just sent a missions group there:


While I am a strong proponent of free speech, I'm very concerned about this group of young Christians, who are now in New Delhi whose goals include evangelizing young children. Moreover, the young missionaries have more than a few misconceptions about India and its people (see January 11 post and paragraph on the 9-year-old child prostitute).

1) Does anyone have any insight on what these missionaries may be doing, or know what "Genesis Street" and the "mission house" refer to?

2) Is there any simple way to stop or protest this sort of activity? It may be possible that some Delhiite activists (who feel adamantly against evangelizing young children, etc.) to take some time to talk to these people, if we can locate them. These missionaries obviously obtained visas to India claiming that they were going to be there to educate underprivileged people or to do some charity work, and I doubt that either of those are going to be happening.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention the superstition that many evangelical Christians, including this missions group, adhere to. This is evidenced in the email sent to the parishioners about this missions trip (from our pastor, a very kind person otherwise):

"Yesterday the team experienced bizarre situations which led them to ask for more prayer. While showing the film 'Passion of the Christ' power goes out 3/4 way through, particularly the part when Jesus carries the cross to Golgotha. Interestingly, their home was the only home on the block whose power went out. Also yesterday, a mother and her young child came early to register for the school. They went up to the second floor through a tight spiral stairway with no railing. One thing lead to another and either the child or mother or both fell 10ft down the stairway and had to be hospitalized.

There are more details about yesterday but I wanted to give you a taste of what happens when God's presence is in a place whose domain is the evil one.

Those who are praying, pray for the team's safety and courage as they pass the half way point of their work. Pray that they will have confidence in Jesus rather than be gripped by the fear of unknown."
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