Hello everyone!!
Hello Everyone,

I'm Kapil Ayyawar, Born and brought up in India, I'm in USA from last 6 years, presently working.. My parents were never religious, they haven't indoctrinated me much... And seriously i never thought about it much, untill last year, me and girlfriend had to break up due to difference in religious beliefs.. she was american & Protestant christian, She asked my faith, then i have realized, i didn't really believe in god thought about god in my life.

Based on my observation on her, It feels concept of god is some kind of virus, which passes from one person to another, either from books, religious teaching, and indoctrination, and when child has been taught with religious teaching, that forms learned paralysis!! After long long discussion with her, i have realized that a person once serious religious never comes back.. although very very few people come back!!

I'm active member with Freethinking group in Evansville (town i live in), I have been few debates in local school and meetings.. I am really really glad to see this in India... I think India needs more secular n atheists views than any other country in world..

ahimsa paramo dharma
Welcome to Nirmukta Kapil!

I too think that it would be quite difficult to maintain a relationship with a person who is a strong believer, while you yourself are atheist. This is a related thread: http://nirmukta.net/Thread-Dating-and-co...theist-way

I am sure you will find lots of interesting discussion happening here! Welcome again!
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You came and managed to get banned already? Whatever on earth did you write? Huh
I know you can't reply to this. Can someone else? Detective
LOL, I'm back again, Yeah, lot of people told me, i'm trouble maker!!! It wasn't really a big issue..

I think its just miss-communication or miss-understanding lead to personal feelings!! Never-mind everything is fine thought...

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