Hello everyone!
Hey to everyone on this forum! I have been a lurker on your facebook page for quite some time and finally decided to go to the forum and introduce myself. I am 27, male, non-religious for at least 10 years now. My fathers family are devout catholics while my mothers side are almost exclusively anglicans. There is a bit of interesting history behind my family background in that both sides of my family are among the oldest christian families in the country with roots stretching back as far as the 1600's. The story goes that the catholic side of the family descend from a coastal brahmin/kshatriya community who converted to catholicism and allied itself with the Portuguese in one of the communities frequent shall we say trade/fishing brawls against an alliance of competing muslim and hindu coastal communities which was beginning to turn particularly nasty and bloody for my ancestors. Needless to say the efficiacy of a few portuguese caravels and the matchlock musket armed marines on them convinced them of the truths of the desert god and his 3 aspects. The history of my mothers side is a bit mroe complicated and perhaps I will relate it in another post.

Since then the catholic faith has been firmly entrenched into my families psyche. In short then I had no chance. I was schooled in the most rabidly religious old christian schools and
fed standard catholic dogma. disillusion with religion was not slow in coming however. born severely myopic and not blessed on the sportsfield(I had to see the ball in order to field effectively) my domain was the library from the very beginning. by the age of 10 I had rubbished in my mind the idea of a literal bible(genesis, revelation etc.) ,most catholic dogma and the idea of a personal saviour/ sin proxy and turned quite independently to a primitive form of deism which caused much concern in my family particularly to my mother who took my deism as gods way of punishing her for marrying a catholic Biggrin by 15 I had almost completely rejected christianity aside from a brief spike of interest due to the fact that all the girls were in church. after hearing of an uncle who had shocked the family by running off to join an ascetic band of kali worshippers I turned briefly to hinduism(dated hindu girls) and norse paganism only to find that I couldnt stop laughing at the idiocy of it all. at this point (18 years of age) I decided to pay more attention to testable methods of looking at the universe and start paying attention in science class. our biology classes however always started with the disclaimer "I have to teach evolution but you should know that god created the earth and that man is not an ape". Though this dampened my scientific temper for a while it was soon revived by a paperback version of carl sagans 'Cosmos' . I was hooked. This was the age of dial up internet and search engines. A year after my first PC I was a convinced atheist.

I left India to study and now work in academic research in strongly agnostic/atheist northern Europe. My interests are sci-fi, electronics, airsoft, camping and tech of all sorts. I like dark beer(my favorite is one named - Bombardier - highly recommended) , red wine(the cheap and high in alcohol content sort) and my favorite whisky is grants although I have been known to hoard a certain Mr. Walkers amber restorative. I have recently become vegetarian and ironically am quite happy that some bronze age priest one day decided to impose a moratorium on cattle and pork - at least some good has come of religion. I hope that my rather lengthy introduction does not bore anyone too much (I dont get to talk about myself too often). I look forward to interacting with everyone else here. Love, peace and have a great weekend!!
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Welcome Htchns_razr!

Great to have you here. And an interesting 'coming out as an atheist' story. Congratulations for overcoming all the obstacles!

Kindly acquaint yourself with the forum rules. An introduction to what freethought is can be found here.

You might want to check this thread about sci-fi books.

Happy Posting!
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Thanks for the welcome. It feels good to stand up and be counted!
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