Hello folks
I am not an atheist but probably an agnostic who rejects Hindu religious superstitions, but is unable to completely reject the non-existence of god.

Perhaps something does exist? Or perhaps not? These questions baffle me.

I have gone through this website and seen the discussions and liked it. I think such free thinking forums are the need of the hour in India.

Welcome Nibir.
It's high time that people start questioning the things that they grew up with. Thinking for oneself is of utmost importance and it separates the rational from the blind, submissive masses.
Thinking for oneself will result in shattered world views and uncomfortable realities but it is better to live in the real world than to believe in something blindly, without evidence simply because it gives us some comfort or because we don't have the answers.

Hope to see some good discussions from you soon. Take a minute to read the forum rules before you do.

Cheers. Cool
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Thanks for the welcome nick87

I agree. I have always questioned blind faith. I sometimes feel lonesome as none of my friends seem to share my agnostic viewpoints. I hope to share my thoughts with like minded atheists here. smile
Welcome Flowers
Also check out:
Thanks for the link LMCsmile

Anyway, I was hoping for criticisms against Hinduism as it is hindu friends and relatives(some of whom are fundamentalists) whom I have to counter each day.


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