Help and Support for Prof. T. J. Joseph
Help and Support for Prof. T. J. Joseph
Prof. T. J. Joseph is legally disqualified to teach anywhere under MG university now. He is virtually deprived of livelihood as a terminated incumbent is not eligible for pension & retirement benefits. The management cited their 'unflinching commitment' to the law of the land and social obligation as the reason behind the decision. Really a nice statement from those proudly protect the white criminals in Sister Abhaya case. We all feel sad to see him suffering like this. Few defended him in the beginning. Many posed oversuave, hypercritical and non-judgemental. That deleted the first line of defence. Once his hand was chopped, sympathy snowballed. But the religious mind is still not reconciled. You can't do, say or think anything against religion.

The prospect of court punishment is also looming large over his head. That is why Mr. P.K. Kunjalikutty says that kerala society should not discuss this matter anymore; Mr.K.T Jaleel says that the Muslim organizations should 'forgive' the professor; Mr Paul Thelakkattu is of the view that the professor may not be dismissed till the court verdict is out. The tragedy of the professor could be deeper than one would imagine.

Religious or not this man deserves to helped and supported. Money can embolden people to fight back, it is not everything though. I request all the humanists and progressive minded people to come together to a common platform to aid him. Let all rational organizations and groups to rally around this cause.

Bank : State Bank of Travancore
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IFSC Code : SBTR0000788

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