I'm from Poland. I'm atheist, and I interesting indian culture. I like to have contact with your Nirmukta page, to write about indian atheism in polish pages. My english is quite crazy, sorry - my secondary language is french, but I hope, that I'm a little better than google translator.



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Hi Jacek!

Welcome to Nirmukta! Nice to meet a fellow freethinker from Poland.

For any questions about Nirmukta, please do not hesitate to contact info [AT] nirmukta [DOT] com or to message one of the admins of these forums.
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Hi Jacek, nice to see you here! Your English is much better than my Polish Wink And yes, it would be very nice to establish a good relationship between the freethinkers of India and those of Poland!
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Ajita Kamal article is on polish rationalist page - http://www.racjonalista.pl/kk.php/s,1831 . If coure in my language! Biggrin I go to meet with you in Delhi 5th june. And this is my article about hinduism for Arheistic Rewiev (in polish Devil2) - http://przegladateistyczny.pl/article-1.html .

In english - my poem for Richard Dawkins -

http://forum.richarddawkins.net/viewtopi...14&t=26027 .

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Hi jacek see you on 5th
Meeting was great! Now, after France, I'm online in Poland :-D
Hello and welcome aboard! Biggrin
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